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AD Locator


Locators and ball attachments for Alpha Dent Implants dental system present in catalog for many clinical cases. These constructions fix removable denture in the best way.

Prosthesis on locators and ball attachments are most common way for dentition restoration. Alpha Dent Implants company developed products for most convenient usage by at all stages and the patient will not experience any inconveniences.

Locators can be used in many clinical cases with wide range of caps with different hardness.

With Alpha Dent Implants multiunit system the dentist can deal with difficult and unusual cases on the orthopedic stage. 

For this every model of multiunit system was made in different size to work with different cases and dental system elements. This is the best way for non-fixed and cemented overdenture.

In catalog you can find locators, ball attachments and cemented abutments for multiunit system and even aesthetic abutment with plastic cup. Every set comes with high quality fixation screw.

Pay attention to color marking and associated goods in PDF catalog also with surgical protocols with removable denture on Alpha Dent implants.

Chose the best solutions for dental implantation!

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