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Implantation All-on-4 and All-on-6. All you have to know and even more
Implantation All-on-4. In this article we will tell you about all the surgery details. Implantation All-on-6 or All-on-4 is not only a beautiful smile, but also a patient’s health.
Dental implant stability and peri-implantitis
Dental implants are the most effective and painless method of restorative dentistry, which provides implant success rates of 98-99%, allows to restore the integrity of the dentition and a natural looking- beauty of your smile, increasing self-confidence. The effectiveness of dental restoration methods, first of all, depends on high quality of modern implants, placement techniques and professional behavior of dental surgeons while providing dental treatment.
Sinus lift and immediate implant placement
In today’s busy world we are always in a hurry. We try to do everything faster including our health. Modern dental implants try to respond to our requests and support our needs more efficiently, if it is possible. Therefore, today we can fully realize benefits of express dental implants, immediate load implants, multiple immediate implant placement and sinus lift with immediate implant placement.
Dental implant positioning: why is it so important?
Various techniques of restorative dentistry help us to keep our teeth and smile healthy. It is important to choose high-quality implants and a good dental specialist, and follow all the doctor’s recommendations and instructions with all responsibility. The preliminary stages that precede dental implant surgery are very important as well, they often depend on the special imaging medical equipment available at the clinic or in the dentist’s office.
The risk of bacterial penetration into implant-abutment connections.
Placing implants and attaching abutments to the implants at the end of the healing period – are surgical procedures. The success of these procedures depend on a number of factors a dental surgeon should demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and strict observance of all rules of aseptic and antiseptics, a patient should maintain proper, thorough oral care during the postoperative period and follow all the doctor’s instructions.
Abutment selection of implant restoration
It is important to choose an abutment as well as a dental implant and implantologist with all responsibility even if you do not have an idea of it. Abutment - is a connector between the implant and denture, which is placed on the top of the implant immediately after its installation in case of immediate placement technique and in a few months in case of delayed implant placement when certain amount of healing time is required for dental implants and osseointegration.
The main stages of osseointegration.
The process of dental implant placement requires a little time but careful preparation and experienced specialists, in particular. A responsible approach to the preparatory stage plays an important role in order to ensure best results. Indeed, the preparatory stage includes diagnostic examination, the choice of an implant system with an appropriate implant placement technique and selection of abutments, crowns and bridge constructions.
Simple solutions to complicated cases
All dental implant techniques seem complicated for a person who is familiar with them superficially and the need to visit a dental implantologist causes doubt and anxiety. However, a professional implantologist begins every initial consultation with the words of reassurance and conviction and dental implant procedure which seems complicated and strange, became a daily process long ago.
Age restrictions in implant dentistry
Nowadays implant dentistry is not only the perfect way to restore dental health and comfort of life. For many patients, dental implants have become the method of rejuvenation because due to their use in dentistry not only the defects of ​​the dentition in the smile zone can be corrected, but the atrophy of the jaw bone can stop progressing.
The implant surface 3D Active
Various specialists make great efforts to achieve successful osseointegration and long service life of the restoration. They study the reaction of bone to the implant material and chances for dental implants to heal properly which depend on the design characteristics, the thread of the post and properties of their surface.
Tooth-implant connection
A professional implantologist is not only a good doctor, he must have the ability of a jeweler and an engineer, as dental implant procedure means harmonious interaction of inserted implants with natural teeth in order to have functional excellence and best aesthetic result.
Modern alternative to removable prostheses
Each of us, unfortunately, faces the problem of tooth loss and requires help to restore them. If it were not for the active development of dental implant techniques, in a similar situation dentists might recommend us only removable dentures. Those ones evoke frightening thoughts of dentures left in a glass of water at night.
Laser application in dental implantology
Dental implantology continues to develop and improve. So, one of the most modern technique of implantology is laser-assisted implantation. This technique allows to use a special laser beam instead of a metal scalpel and has more sophisticated approach to surgical procedures in dentistry.
Why do we need small-diameter implants?
Each type of dental implants has its indications and contraindications, i.e. features which effectively cope with its unique task in dental implantology. Therefore it is important to understand that optimal dental implant treatment requires sufficient bone volume.
Dental implants for people with chronic diseases – who takes a decision?
In all popularity of teeth restoration by means of the dental implant procedure, and also an increasing number of patients who want to have a perfect smile and maintain the health of the teeth as long as possible, dental implantation as a treatment method has strict indications and contraindications.
Possibilities of modern dental implant system
A successful dental implant procedure depends on rapid and effective osseointegration, i.e. the strength of the interface between bone and implant. Dental prosthetic procedure is possible only in that case when an implantologist is completely sure in the load carrying capacity
Possibilities of modern dental implant system
Indications for dental implants are constantly increasing due to the accumulation of experience and successful solutions in dental implantology. Until recently to place a dental implant in the recent extraction site was considered to be risky and often unacceptable but today it is one of more preferable procedures.
Immediate implant placement in the esthetic zone
One of the most popular cases in dental implantology is the placement of dental implants in the esthetic zone, this kind of restoration is one of the most difficult procedures for dentists. Why is it so?
What affects the durability of the implant?
Each owner of a beautiful and natural smile after the dental implant treatment concerns about service life of an implant? What should you do to prolong its service life? And what affects its durability?
What is Locator abutment?
It is impossible to imagine modern dental implantology as the restoration procedure of dental health and aesthetics without such an essential component of the whole system as an abutment.
Combined dental implants
The choice of dental implant technique is always a very serious decision that is taken by the implantologist after the medical examination and preliminary survey during the first consultation. The success of the whole process of teeth restoration depends on the correct plan and treatment protocol.
The fabrication of high-quality implants
To select one or another dental implant technique, guided by indications and contraindications – is the task of the implantologist and the successful dental implant treatment depends on the optimal solution of this task. This choice is based on a clinical case of the patient, the results of the examination and laboratory diagnosis, tasks set on the first consultation.
Dental implants for patients with peridontitis and parodontosis
There is almost no such thing as the ideal state of the oral cavity for dental implants. And it is not just a lack of dental care, bad habits or environmental influences. Often diseases of gums or teeth may be genetic or caused by eating disorders or metabolism. The causes of periodontitis and parodontosis as the diseases are also different.
Dental implants for lower teeth
Dental implant surgery of the lower jaw has its own features, which are worth knowing. As the main function of the lower teeth is a chewing process, so they are exposed to the heavy loading, that is why lower posterior implant procedure has to be reliable and the loading on these implants has to be even, because the force of mastication is equal to the weight of 30-40 kilograms per tooth.
How to prevent bone atrophy?
The main problem in dental implantology is jawbone atrophy, despite the active development of various methods of its treating. According to statistics more than 90% of patients who visit implantologists, have had already changes in bone in the form of atrophy, i.e. the decrease of its volume after the tooth loss.
The fabrication of high-quality implants
The basis of any dental implant technique is a qualitative diagnostics, the professional qualifications of the dentist-implantologist and, of course, the quality of the design and material of an implant. The qualitative implant production have an influence on their successful osseointegration and long service life.
Implants or traditional dental prosthetics
Why have dental implants so easily moved back the use of bridge structures and in general almost all the methods of traditional prosthetics all over the world? How has dental surgery just in a few decades cardinally changed attitude to the dental implant procedure as a surgery, which can be used as a last resort when all other possibilities have already been exhausted, to the method of restorative dentistry?
How much do dental implants cost?
The successful development of dental implantation is taking place thanks to the ability to find high-tech solutions for very vital problems. Indeed, the loss of a tooth is rather common phenomenon that every person faces sooner or later, unfortunately, at a young age, it is also not uncommon.
What is attachment?
Attachment - a special device that fixes and permanently stabilizes removable and some types of fixed denture. Such kind of fixture provides the impossibility of any unnecessary movements of the denture according to the abutment teeth.
Dental implants ramus-frame
Not only in nature, but also in any area of ​​human activity the combination of positive factors and advantages often gives a new result and has more effective properties than when it is presented separately.
Transmandibular implants
The successful development of dental implantology has led to the fact that the recovery of a beautiful smile and the effective preservation of dental health is becoming the norm and it is becoming available to an increasing number of patients. The insertion of tapered, screw and cylindrical implants is a classic method of dental implant procedure,
Why is titanium mesh necessary in dental implantology?
Successful implant integration with optimal indices of bone tissue is achieved by the preliminary increase in bone volume to the desired parameters using new biologically active materials which require the use of titanium mesh for positive both aesthetic and functional results. Also, titanium mesh is necessary in work with traditional materials for osteoplasty
Dental implant procedure and mandibular nerve
One of the rare complications in case of the dental implant procedure of lower jaw is the mandibular nerve injury. Nevertheless, we have to know about it and visit a specialist if there are any doubts in the postoperative period.
What you need to know about the materials for sinus lift procedure?
Sinus lift as a method of osteoplasty is a bone augmentation in the upper jaw by a thickening of the inferior wall of the maxillary sinus, if there is a deficiency of it for dental implants. Very often, this surgery is a precondition for the implantation of posterior teeth of the upper dentition
Is it possible to perform implant installation simultaneously with the sinus lift procedure?
The main condition for a successful classical dental implant procedure is a sufficient jaw bone volume. It is connected with the bone-implant integration, and there should be a reliable base for it, which enables the whole design to carry a load and which is not thin for the artificial dental root installation.
Laser-assisted dental implantation
Everyone would like to have a perfect smile and strong teeth and it is dental implant procedure, that deals with a successful, quick and painless restoration of both a perfect smile and strong teeth.
Why we need guided bone regeneration
Atrophy of the bone in the area of missing teeth is the result of deficiency of necessary functional load, which leads to decreased activity of bone cells- osteoblasts and jawbone resorption.
The statement that the heroes are needed where there are no professionals is also significant for the situation in medicine, when the heroes are needed where there is no good equipment and high-quality instruments.
Immediate load dental implants - fast and qualitative.
Immediate loading after implant placement involves delivering a denture on the integrated implant. This technique is not an immediate dental implant procedure because an immediate dental implant surgery is a procedure of the implant placement in a new extraction socket.
What is the occlusion of implant-supported dentures
Occlusion - is, first of all, a state of comfortable interaction between all the components of the dentofacial system (teeth, muscles, joints, cervical spine and the temporal bone), which provides the correct teeth joining of the upper and lower jaws, and also a harmonious effective activities of all functions of the oral cavity, including chewing and mimic.
In dental implants procedure the main mechanism of successful treatment is an individual approach to each clinical situation. It primarily allows you to select implant designs which are the most suitable for solving the problem of dental restoring.
One - stage dental implant procedure – a perfect smile in a short time
One of the myths about dental implant procedure is the opinion that dental implant restoration is a lengthy process. But it should not be generalized. As well as medicine in general, implant dentistry has various techniques of bone-implant integration, which are selected depending on the indications and contraindications, as well as problems that the patient wants to solve with the help of restorative dentistry.
Bone grafting - types, materials and features.
Before the implant installation every implant surgeon during examination of the patient should make sure that the jawbone volume is saved and there is a possibility for a reliable integration of the construction. Otherwise, if there is a resorption (absorption) of bone tissue as a result of load absence on it after tooth loss, implant surgery procedure should be preceded by bone grafting or bone augmentation. What is it and why can not it be avoided?
Basal dental implantation - all pros and cons
It is considered that a classical dental implant surgery is a procedure of screw method, when restoration of a lost tooth occurs through integration of fixture into the bone tissue, to which the visible part of the tooth is attached with the help of abutment.
Dental implantation for patients with diabetes
Until recently, dental implants for patients with diabetes was considered to be impossible. But the development of modern dental implantology and endocrinology has reached a level when such state as part of preparation is not an obstacle to a beautiful smile.
Computed axial tomography in dental implantology.
Dental implantology has reached a high level of technological equipment and perfect quality of materials, and continues to develop successfully as medical care is a new and unique situation every time.
Laboratory tests are important for successful implantation
What should be the preparation for dental implantation?
Implantation as a new level of quality of life
In the modern world, the entire human civilization develops from satisfaction of basic needs to the spiritual, and medicine in its turn from life-saving to the improvement of its quality. What does it mean?
Myths and Reality
All, that is popular, is overgrown with myths. This simple thesis is confirmed daily: whatever it concerns. Unfortunately, when conjecture is replaced by the lack of information in the field of medicine, the damage of ignorance is more sizable than in any other sphere of life. Lack of information is compensated by fear...
The service life of the implant. How to influence?
Everything is subordinated to the influence of time. And as we would like to make many things eternal, it is clear that it is impossible, but, nevertheless, efficiently and intelligently designed implant can be in use for life, and that, you will agree, is more than enough. Usually the manufacturer gives the service life warranty.
Osseointegration: titanium, shape and tactics
 It is important to have a very high level of interaction between all the components of a system in order that  the system consisting of individual components works well . Is it  difficult? Oh yes! Especially when it refers  to biological systems...
Implant survival – cooperation of professionalism and nature
Latin medical term "implantation" is familiar to everybody and not only because of dental implantology, but often it is connected with such fashionable and, in principle, necessary branch of medicine as plastic surgery. And as implantation (from the Latin. «Im» - inside and «plantatio» - plant (put in)) implies still implantation surgery of foreign structures and materials in tissues
Contraindications: possible strategies
Modern level of dental implantology development solves a very wide range of health problems connected with defects of the dentition. So you examined the topic, chose the clinic, and made decision to see a specialist. It is good, when the problem is solved. But...
As you know, the search for new technologies and developments in any branches of medicine in general and dentistry in particular, is always a response to the request and needs of people who care about their health. The desire to achieve a high level of life quality...
Dental implants as an effective method of restoring a beautiful smile
 "Smile for a million dollars" is a popular expression that in the modern world has become a very significant value. It's a price many Americans agree to pay for  the open and sincere smile. A beautiful white smile is also a working business strategy.
What dental implants are better?
What criteria should choose the dentist for the best dental implantation? This question bothers many who ventured into the implantation of teeth. Let's look at seven key characteristics of implants: 1. Quality of the material;2. Physiologic shape;
History of dental implantation
When and who invented the implants? Perhaps nobody can answer this question. After all, even archaeological excavations have revealed the fact that replacing lost teeth with different materials of animal and mineral origin have tried in antiquity. There was even tooth transplantation from one person to another. Thus, for example, was found a fragment of mandible Inca (VI c. BCE), which preserved implants marine mussel shell;  Read more
Implantation with the shortage of bone tissue without sinus lifting
In 3 months after tooth loss comes bone atrophy. In addition, bone atrophy may contribute to long-term inflammatory disease of the oral cavity, anatomic features, age-related changes, congenital anomalies, multiple injuries of the maxillofacial region, neoplastic processes in the jaws, and other common diseases. But with the current level of modern dentistry you shouldn’t be upset.  Read more
Sinus lifting
Your doctor will advise sinus lifting surgery in case of some anatomical features of the facial skull structure, for example:• Very small thickness between oral mucosa and maxillary sinus bone septum (sometimes even up to 1 mm);• Lateral teeth of the upper jaw can be placed in the bone and not to deal with the maxillary sinus irrelevant;  Read more
Dental Implantation with significant jaw atrophy
When it becomes problematic to chew food and teeth are chattering, but the duration of the dental implants is skipped (2-3 month after the removal of teeth) and bone in their absence is atrophied, is there any other method except a removable glass jaw? You will be surprised but there are few ways to restore loosed teeth.  Read more
Bone remodeling in dental implantology
Our body has next features: if you lost one or more teeth, it will cost a resorption of bone gums. It's not so bad if you have decided in the future to resort to removable prosthetics. But if you choose Alpha Dent implants, quality and quantity of bone plays the important role in implantation process. The right amount of bone allows the implant to create a relationship between the tissue and the crown.  Read more
Modern methods of increasing a bone volume in implantation
Before implantation surgery a doctor conducts bone gums condition. If bone gums atrophied in place of the missing tooth, he will select the methodology for further surgery. For example, ramping height of atrophied mandible is possible by using plastic bone or directed bone regeneration.
Augmentation of bone tissue
If you removed the tooth you must not delay the implantation for more than 2-3 months. If this deadline is missed, it is likely that you will have to conduct a lengthy procedure of a bone lifting.The fact that there is no tooth in the jaw occurs bone atrophy, due to the absence of functional load on it.
Osseointegration in dental implantation
After the implantation with Alpha Dent comes a very important period - the process of anatomic and functional connections between variable living bone and the surface of the implant, which is called "osseointegration". Stabilization of osseointegration is achieved during 18 months.
Fixed bridge on implants.
Unfortunately there was a significant loss of dentition. What do you have to do? Most likely a doctor will offer you prosthetic bridges. Recently you would not have an alternative to bridges with dissection teeth adjacent to the missing and install crowns on the abutment teeth. Nowadays you can set a fixed bridge on implants.  Read more
Time for taking root of implants
Some patients have doubts that after implants installation and spending a lot of money they will not take root. We want to dispel any doubts: modern dentistry has more complex techniques to virtually eliminate the possibility of implants rejection and accelerate their time for taking root.
The transgingival method of implantation
This methodology has several names- endoscopic, non-invasive, seamless, bloodless, minimally invasive, rapid implantation. The transgingival implantation will appeal to those who do not want to wait much time for the results and go to the doctors. This method is used wth one-stage dental implantation, which involves the installation of the implant with a crown for one week.  Read more
One-step implantation
Modern dentistry can offer a large selection of the latest methods of implantation. Nowadays one-step implantation is a very attractive method to restore missed teeth. As the name of the method, such implantation occurs in one step.You probably will be surprised with the fact that after the tooth removal a patient comes out to the dentist's office with a full functional dentition and mirroring pleases full smile.  Read more
Methods of dental implantation
What methods modern dentistry for quality dental implantation uses? There are few methods of classic implantation. We will try to give them a brief description. Methods of implantation one can distinguish on relationship between implant, soft and hard tissues:
• Intramucosal implantation.  Read more
Stages of dental implantation
The first step of implantation, regardless of how a classical technique should be applied will be careful planning. Scheduling in its turn implies a preliminary assessment of the patient's condition. It is not only a thorough examination of the oral cavity to identify its anatomical features, but mandatory use of modern methods of imaging and medical imaging.   Read more
Oral Care after dental implantation
Dental implant is a complex, multistep process that requires a responsible attitude not only at the stage of the operation, but also during implant’s lifetime. In order to reduce the risk of complications and rejection of the implant and to prolong its service life, you must strictly follow the doctor’s instructions, including special features hygienic oral care at different times after implantation. Read more
Implantation in case of teeth absence
Edentulous or absence of teeth not only causes difficulties during food intake, but also a violation of speech distortion of facial proportions, constant discomfort in communication and much more. These are the main problems which significantly impair quality of life of a person suffering from a similar ailment.Not so long ago the only solution in the absence of teeth was dentures affixed directly to the gums by suction or by using a special adhesive gel.Read more
Lifetime of Alpha Dent dental implants. Lifetime warranty
Nowadays dental implants can be an alternative to removable dentures. Many studies and large clinical experience has shown that dental implants are reliable method of prosthetics, which solve many problems of removable dentures. In modern dentistry prosthesis with implants is commonly used.Dental implant surgery requires highly qualified specialist. Read more
Contraindications for dental implantation
Every medical intervention usually has its indications and contraindications. Based only on this fact the presence of three possible options for different patients can be: There are indications and no contraindications (ideal); there is indication and contraindications (treatment is possible); no evidence and no contraindications (it’s better not to hold treatment); and there are no indications contraindications (treatment cannot be carried). Read more
Indications for dental implantation
The most important indication for dental implantation is a single defect with intact dentition, i.e. healthy adjacent teeth. This means that the basic premise for use single dental implant is the ability of healthy adjacent teeth and the desire to keep them, for example, not to grind them under crowns bridges and other structures.Another indication is limited dentition defects.  Read more
Types of Dental Implants
What types of dental implants are used in modern implantology? Dental implants of a root form (Alpha Dent). This is the most popular type of dental implant. In classic version it is a step threaded barrel. Using in case of enough space (enough bone to install them). Sometimes it is necessary to resort to sinus-lifting for building bone mass and only then apply tapered implants. Read more
Advantages of Dental Implants
Implants have a great number of advantages over conventional prosthetics. Introduction of dental implants allows doctor to replace dentition defects of any length and localization. Dental implants allow you to use any further prosthesis removable and fixed prostheses, providing them with a secure fitting. In addition, the removable prosthesis on implants is much easier to get used to because ... Read more
Dental implant. Types of dental implants.
Dental implants may be of two-component design (all except integral) and single- implants (Alpha Dent integral). Two-component implant consists of directly implant and superstructure called abutment. Such an implant may be determined by one-and two-step protocol. A two-step protocol involves full immersion of the implant and its mucosa covering property thereby avoiding any contact of the implant with the oral cavity. Read more
Myths and realities about dental implants
The dream about beaming smile and impressive white teeth with perfect shape used to be associated only with Hollywood stars. But today it can come true for any of us and actually strong teeth and radiant smile are not just good for our appearance but they’re good for our health as well. Unluckily nearly everybody loses one, several or even all teeth during the lifetime. Read more
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