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Alpha Dent Classic

has a micro thread in its upper part, which provides a better contact with a cortical layer.
Implant body is a cylindrical rootshape.



  • Due to the thread pitch of 0.6 mm, an implant is cylinder-shaped.
  • The surface implant Classic is created due to a 3D Active method, which is the latest generation of surface treatment technology for dental implants.
  • This surface is active and hydrophilic; it has distinct multilayered microporous structure.
  • The thickness of the oxide layer of implant surface reaches 10-12 microns.
  • The implant is used mainly in I bone type, but it may be used as well in all bone types if individual surgical procedure is implemented


of Implant Alpha Dent Classic


Surgical Protocol

for Implants Alpha Dent Classic

  1. Table of sequential use of cylindrical drills for implant Classic


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