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Perfect results of Alpha Dent implants surface analysis

Dear colleagues, we want to share great news with you! As you know Alpha Dent Implants is concerned about products quality and the technology of manufacturing.  We consider this position helpful in further success of dental implantation results especially in implant osseointegration process.

You might know that recently we have launched a new lineup of Alpha Dent Implants system of German manufacture.  Our main goal in manufacture modernization was absolutely clean titanium. Today we are ready to share with you the report about quality of 3D implants surface made in Germany!  

The recent research of scientists from Cologne university (Germany) reports have said that Alpha Dent implants surface is absolutely clean from any foreign elements.  This work once again proves the high quality and advanced technological manufacture of implants by Alpha Dent. The scientists used such modern methods as electron microscope scanning and EDX analysis.

According to Quantity and speculative analysis of surfaces with SEM and EDX, the Alpha Dent Implants Active sample performed no significant submicrograms of organic and non-organic elements on its surface.  

So we can conclude dear colleagues that our work was fruitful! With advanced manufacturing processes we improved the quality and cleanness of 3D implant surface and as a result osseointergation process.

We are proud that we achieved this level and made implantation process superior!

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