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Alpha Dent firm opinie

Review # 24

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Иванов Адриан Владимирович, я являюсь заведующим хирургом стоматологического отделения, а также стоматологом-хирургом имплантологом и стоматологом- ортопедом в клинике «Центомед» г. Якутск.

Review #23

Oberoi Dental Clinic & Implant Centre   To whom it may concern Alpha Dent Implant seems to be a good implant especially at the rate we are getting this implant. It has a local variety of implant with wonderful surface treatment and various sizes, especially slim implant. I have used it with good case, comfortably with Implant Kit. I find it compatible with any other system.     Dr. Jatinder S.

Review #22

MWT MANAV WELFARE TRUST   I (Dr. Vira H. D.) have been using Alpha Dent Implants since a month, having placed about 25 implants. I found them to be of highest quality and satisfied with the product.   DR. H. D. VIRA MDS Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Review #21

Personal Dental Care   To whomsoever it may concern Alpha Dent Implant System (Active - Plus) has good primary stability even in D4 bone & the active threads has good implant bone out. I look forward for their activ conus, with conical connection I happy to use their implants

Review #20

Delhi Dental Center International   We are very thankful to Dr. Boris introducing us to his Dental Implants Alpha Dent. These are very good implants I am using them January 2014, placed more than 50 of them. We did single implants bridges, over -dentenes with them. They are very cost effective and as good as alter other implants are. I recommend them to all my friends dentist in India.

Review #19

"Дентал-Экспо Красноярск" СИБИРСКИЙ СТОМАТОЛОГИЧЕСКИЙ ФОРУМ   ДИПЛОМ Дипломом ЗАО ВК "Красноярская ярмарка" награждается   Occlusion, ООО "Лаборатория правильных решений" г. Красноярск за продвижение на рынок Красноярского края системы дентальных имплантов Alpha Dent Implants

Review #18

ODONTOS Branded Dentistry     To Dr. Simanovski Boris  Alpha Dent Implant   Dear Sir, I came to know about Alpha Dent Implant through Mr.

Review #17

GOPAL DENTAL CARE CLINIC  dr. YAMIR GOPAL     Review Alpha Dent company of dental implants is very good company. This company has motto of affordable price, best quality and satisfying fast service. The company staff is very cooperative and supportive of subject make the things success.  Lastly, positive attitude & positive vibrations to the product & patient make you success.


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