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Alpha Dent Implants company presents dental implants of new generation. Renewed dental implants line is manufactured in Germany. The main special features of our dental implants are well-thought-out ergonomical design, 3D Active surface for better osseointegration, connection of two types – inner hex and conical connection with platform switching.

Specialists from Alpha Dent have developed different types of titanium implants, which can be used for any clinical case. Wide product range and ergonomical qualities allow dentist to use these implants in any clinical case and provide successful implantation treatment.

Types of Alpha Dent Implants:

  • Active is an implant with an aggressive triple deep thread, spiral-shaped, conical that provides better osseointegration .
  • Active Plus is an upgraded implant of Active type that has an inverse conical shape in the upper part that reduces pressure in the cortical layer.
  • Classic is an implant with root-shaped cylinder body ( thread pitch of 0.6 mm).
  • Integral is one-piece combining implant with abutment for immediate loading.
  • Active ConusClassic Conus are implants with conical connection that have platforms with inner conus and hex for positioning.
  • Alpha Dent Slim is an implant that is great for front teeth area with narrow crest or between closely situated teeth (implants).

For success of every dental implantation we supply dental implants with surgical protocol for dentist. In addition to it in renewed complement you can also find informative guide for patient with care recommendations after implantation. It is very convenient for both dentist and patient.

Get more from dental system that you could expect!

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