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New Surgical Kit Alpha Dent Implants

Every day Alpha Dent Company sets and reaches new goals aimed at the improvement of the implantation process for you, dear dentists.

Thus, Alpha Dent has renewed the requested surgical kit. It allows to make implantation more qualitative and faster. What’s new in our kit?

New surgical kit Alpha Dent Implants

Firstly, the irreproachable design and for of the kit should be mentioned. We considered our experience and now the case has become more ergonomic and compact without losing its functionality.

First of all, we understand the importance of performing a professional dental implantation. That’s why the kit includes the reputable drills with the diamond-like coating to avoid the heat exposure of the bone. The second change is the drill with 3.0 in diameter. Although, there is no stopper 2.0, its function will fulfill the stopper 2.8.

Surely there are implant drivers for the implants with the hexagonal external connection, conical implants and also for Slim implants. Now, the kit also includes a new adapter for the ratchet-wrench AD-DA. You can find the detailed instruction here.

The last, but not least: In the kit there are not two, but four expanders with 3,25, 3,75, 4,2 and 5,0 in the diameter.

That’s what we have now:

  1. Ratchet wrench;
  2. Parallel/Depth Guide - 2 items;
  3. Conical drills with diamond-like coating ø 1.9, 2.0, 2.8, 3.0, 3.45, 3.9, 4.7;
  4. Cylindrical drills ø 3.2, 3.7, 4.5;
  5. Stoppers ø 2.8 – 6 мм, 8 мм, 10 мм, 11.5 мм, 13 мм;
  6. Countersink ø 3.25, 3.75, 4.2, 5.0;
  7. Implant drivers for the hexagonal external connection and conical implants of both platforms;
  8. Wrenches for abutment screw fixation;
  9. Adapter for the ratchet-wrench AD-DA;
  10. Drill extender.


The work of Alpha Dent Company is aimed at the improvement of the implantation quality and the following prosthetics. See it for yourself.


Address to the manager of your country to buy the kit. 

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