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Transfers / Analogs


Alpha Dent Implants company perform dental transfers for dental imprint and pick-up impression. Diversity of models is the main feature that include all actions during surgery.

Dental transfers and analogues are made of quality materials. We developed unique shape and design that allow dentist to do surgery without problems.

Specialists from Alpha Dent developed twelve types of analogues and transfers that include Transfer with a Clips, available in two sizes. It allows making pick-up impression without screw fixation and was created especially for work in posterior teeth area with the lack of interalveolar space.

 We developed transfers suitable for all three types of platforms:

  • Conical;
  • Standart;
  • For slim implant;

Notice PDF catalog version with color marking for quick search. We created convenient surgical protocols for all products by Alpha Dent Implants, which you can find in the catalog.

Choose only the best products for your patients with Alpha Dent Implants!  

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