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Implant dentystyczny Alpha Dent Implants

Prezentacje wideo Alpha Dent Implants
How it's made : Dental Implants Alpha Dent
Implant Alpha Dent Active
Implant Alpha Dent Active Bio
Implant Alpha Dent Active Plus
Implant Alpha Dent Classic
Implant Alpha Dent Slim
Nawierzchnia 3D. Prezentacja wideo
Surface 3D Active. Video Presentation
Micromovements of Implant-Abutment Interface
Wideo Dental Wszczepienie
Implantation with implant Alpha Dent Classic. Dr Sobolevski
Implantation Alpha Dent with immediately load. Dr Sobolevski
Autotransplantation in maxillary ridge area. Dr Sobolevski
21th tooth removal. Implantation with Alpha Dent Implant. Osseous membrane. Dr. Lungu
Implantation of the lower edentulous jaw with implants Alpha Dent. Dr. Lungu
Single implant Alpha Dent Active implantation with using membrane in the 21th tooth area. Dr. Lungu
Open sinus lift. Bone grafting. Implantation with Alpha Dent Implants. Dr. Lungu
Sinus Lift, bone grafting. Dr Sobolevski
Installation of a single Alpha Dent implant on the upper jaw. NEW!
Alpha Dent. Implantation on the upper jaw. NEW!
Sinus lifting. Installation of the three implants. NEW!
Alpha Dent. Implant setting. NEW!
Alpha Dent. Bone grafting using a membrane. NEW!
Alpha Dent Implants. NEW!
Animacje dla pacjentów
Single implant surgery at low jaw
Implant-supported overdenture rehabilitation
Bridge on implants
Immediate Implantation
Dental implantation - manual for patients. Step by step
Wideo Protokoły Chirurgiczne
Surgical Protocol for Alpha Dent Classic
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